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Apricot Jam

It’s apricot season here in Utah. One bite of a fresh apricot brings back all sorts of memories of the tree in my grandmother’s back yard. We all looked forward to the day they were ripe enough to pick. We spent time canning jam and telling stories as we cooked. I miss those days.  My grandmother’s recipe used Jello as a sweetener of all things. I can’t remember how she made it but it was delicious.  This recipe has no Jello, but it’s lower in sugar than most recipes I’ve tried. I can’t stand overly sweet jam. I like jam that tastes like fruit.  This is a basic recipe but try adding a few springs of Thyme or a finely chopped jalapeƱo as a variation. 
I mix this jam with a little Dijon mustard and use it as a glaze on pork or chicken. I also love it on a charcuterie board with goat cheese, fresh ricotta, and salami.  It also makes a great vinaigrette mixed with oil, thyme, white wine vinegar and Dijon.  I’m sure you will think of a million different ways to use it too. 
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