Moroccan Short Ribs with Sweet Potato Mash

 Claire shared this recipe with me back in 2021. It’s by far my favorite way to cook short ribs. The sauce is addicting. 

For the Short Ribs: 

4 large beef short ribs, about 2 pounds

 1 tablespoon olive oil

2 medium carrots, sliced 1/2" thick

3 ribs of celery, sliced 1/2" thick

1 medium onion, chopped

3 cloves of garlic, whole

1 tablespoon tomato paste

zest of 1 large orange

juice of 1 large orange

4 cups beef stock (you can also use chicken stock if preferred)

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon cinnamon (trust me)

1 bay leaf

salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 

Heat a dutch oven (or large soup pot) over medium high heat for 2 minutes. While it is heating up, salt the short ribs generously on all sides.

 Add the olive oil, and cook the short ribs 3 minutes per side on all sides until golden brown. 

Do not overcrowd the pan.

 If necessary, cook the short ribs in batches. Transfer short ribs to the slow cooker after browned, with the meat side down, bone side up.

In the same dutch oven in the remaining oil/fat, add the vegetables and cook for 5-8 minutes, until they begin to soften. 

Add the tomato paste, cook for 1 more minute. 

Add the orange zest and orange juice. Scrape the bottom of the pan until there are no more brown bits. 

Add the beef stock, balsamic vinegar, cinnamon and bay leaf. Stir to combine. Add the beef ribs back to the Dutch oven. Cover and place in the preheated oven. 

Braise until meat is tender and easily falls off the bone about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. 

After the short ribs have cooked, gently  remove them from the Dutch oven.  Over with foil and let rest. 

Place the Dutch oven on the stovetop over medium high heat to reduce the cooking sauce.  You should end up with about 3 cups of sauce. 
Remove from heat and strain the sauce through a sieve. 
I also remove the fat using a fat separator. 
If you don't have a fat separator, transfer the cooking liquid to a large bowl, allow to sit for 5 minutes, then spoon the fat off the top once it has settled.)

For the Sweet Potato Mash:

4 Sweet Potatoes
Salt and pepper to taste
4 tablespoons Butter
2 tablespoons cream

Peel sweet potatoes and cut into large cubes. 
Place the sweet potatoes in a medium sauce pan and add enough water to cover the potatoes. 
Place the pan over high heat and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat and simmer the potatoes until they are soft. 
Remove potatoes from heat and drain off the water.  
Add the butter and cream the potatoes and smash using a hand masher or hand mixer to blend until smooth and creamy. 
Season with salt and pepper to your liking. 

To serve:
Place a large dollop of sweet potato on a plate. 
Top with short rib. Rewarm the sauce and pour around the sweet potato. 
Garinish the top with a little orange zest

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