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 It’s August and my garden is overrun with herbs. Time to make pesto. I love making a big batch that keeps in the refrigerator about a month if covered with a thin layer of olive oil. I also freeze portions in ice cube trays which you can pull out in winter months when you long for Spring.  Try it on pasta, pizza, paninis and fish.  4 cups fresh basil leaves 2 cloves garlic 1/2 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons lemon juice Zest of one lemon 1/4 cup freshly grated Romano cheese 1/2 cup freshly Parmesan cheese 1/4 cup pine nuts  (i substitute pecans if pine nuts are too expensive) 1/2 cup olive oil In a food processor, add everything but the oil and pine nuts.  Process ingredients until smooth while simultaneously adding a thing stream of olive oil through the top hole in the processor.  Remove the lid and add the one nuts to the bowl pulse until combined.  Put pesto in a clean jar and add a thin layer of olive oil on top  the oil will help reserve the pesto in the refrigerator  Makes about 1

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