Lemon Bliss Ice Cream Pie

In 1979 I spend a summer up in Brighton, Utah. I worked as a counselor at a girls camp. When I got home, Shannon, one of my camper's called me and asked me if I would help her try out for Pep Club (which to those of you who live outside of Utah, is like Pep Squad.) We spent the weekend together making a notebook full of ideas that she had to submit for the tryout. Shannon's mother made kept us supplied with treats while we worked. One of the things she made for us was this dessert. I'm nuts about it!! So refreshing on a hot summer day.

1 half gallon cheap vanilla ice cream (I use the cheapest ice cream I can find -- like grocery store brand. It works the best.)
1 - 6 oz. frozen lemonade concentrate
1 small bag frozen raspberries in syrup
2 graham cracker pie shells (or you can make your own crust and pat it down in the bottom of a 9 x 13 baking dish)

In a large mixing bowl, combine the ice cream and the lemonade. Pour into the pie shells (or baking dish) and freeze until ready to serve.

Place the frozen raspberries in a blender and puree until smooth. Taste, and add sugar if necessary. To serve, drizzle a little of the raspberry puree over each slice of pie.

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