Cucumber Punch

This is my Aunt Judy's recipe. It's a "must have" at any of our extended family gatherings. We've been making it for years. Newcomers are always impressed when they discover we drink Cucumber Punch. "Cucumbers", they exclaim, as they scrunch up their nose!!!" They become dedicated fans too, once they've taken a sip.

1 small can limeade concentrate
1 liter 7-up, refrigerated
1 large cucumber
Maraschino cherries, cut in half
1 small bag of ice

The night before serving, make an ice ring using a jello mold. Cut the unpeeled cucumber in half and slice thin. ( Place the other half of the cucumber in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve the punch). If you've never made an ice ring, here's how:

Place a layer of chopped ice in the mold and arrange the cherries and cucumbers on the ice. Add another layer of ice, then fill the mold with water. Freeze until ready to use.

In a large punchbowl, make the limeade as directed on can. Add the 7 up and mix thoroughly. Just before serving, slice thin rounds of unpeeled cucumber into the punch, add the ice ring.

Note: You can make a sugar-free version of this by using “Crystal Light Limeade” and diet 7-up.

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